Guadec 2013

As part of my Google Summer of Code project, I attended GUADEC 2013 in Brno from 1st to 8th of August. All the talks happened in the first four days. The subjects ranged from the current situation of Gnome, its libraries and applications, to the future planned features.

I would say the subjects discussed can be categorised into three main topics: Web related (Webkit, Evolution, Tracker, Grilo, Maps and security) Graphical Interfaces (High resolution display support, Cogl, Wayland, GTK, Glade) and Community (reporting bugs, working with the Gnome community, women and open source, etc).

One of the highlights of the conference was the talk given by Bruno Cardoso about using Clang, LLVM in Gnome. Besides giving an overview of the LLVM project, he actually ran the Clang tool in a couple of projects and was able to find four security bugs (although some of them might be false-positives).

In the 4th day I gave a brief presentation of my GSoC project. It was really brief: in 3 minutes I explained what a color profile is and the reason why we want to make the color management in Wayland/Weston using a shader.

Brno is an amazing city and I had the chance to meet some old friends there and meet a lot of new people. I also met my GSoC mentor, Richard Hughes, and we took the opportunity to discuss the future of my project.

Finally, I would like to thank Fabiano Fidencio for the hospitality and for being our tour guide through the city! And the Gnome Foundation for the sponsorship.


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