An Efenniht theme for Ephoto

This week I did an efenniht theme for the Ephoto applicative.


It is an alternative theme to the E17 Window Manager and Elementary Widget Library developed by the ProFUSION’s designer Marina Proni. It is basically a black theme using mostly black and orange colors. More info about it and screenshots can be found here.


It is a picture viewer focused on simplicity with functions for displaying pictures contained inside a directory and simple tools to view them elegantly. It is being currently developed using the default Elementary’s theme as you can see here.

Ephoto with Efenniht theme

Before doing the aforementioned theme we realized that some of the parts defined inside the Ephoto’s own theme could be merged into the default theme and reused later even for others applications. Done that, creating the new theme was just a matter of adding the appropriate parts to the Efenniht theme. These parts were basically Gengrid item’s themes: one for the up arrow, other for the folders with previews and the last one to the thumbnail itself. All the remaining used widgets already had their themes implemented inside Efenniht.

The following screenshots show the obtained result:


Thumbnails view


Directories view

As you can see there are still some work to be done like providing images for some icons and maybe improve the entry’s theme since it is hard to know where its boundaries are. At least Marina herself seems to already like of the new Ephoto’s look. Yay!


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